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Upcoming books & a FREE deal

Smoking Dragons! So much is happening right now. I have so much news, I don't even know where to start. You'll all be happy to know that the words are flowing and I am currently working on five different projects.

The first one is LUKE, book 4 of the Elemental Short Stories. It is coming out on 30. April and is now available for pre-order.

Brought to Elveron by his Elven mother, Luke must learn how to make a living amongst the Elves as a Human. Thrust into the middle of a war between the Elves and the Vampyres, Luke’s education in medicine secures him a position as a Healer.

He is tested to his limits to save the people he loves, but once the war is over, he realises his adventure has only just begun.

At the mercy of a fierce, red dragon; a wily, old court Healer; and a willful princess, Luke embarks on a journey that will change his life forever.

For those of you who have not yet read the short stories, I have made On Fire, book 1 of the Elemental Short Stories, free for the entire month of March exclusively to my followers. Use the link below to download your free copy now!


The second project I am working on is Resilient, a dystopian fantasy novel set in South Africa and it is due for release towards the end of May 2019. I am writing this in a different POV to my other novels, so it is a bit of a challenge and I am loving it.

I have a cover, but I can't show it to you yet.


My third project, hopefully ready by June/July, is the first book in the Dragonlore series. It will be titled: Master Of Legends

I am having a lot of fun with this book as it is exclusively about dragons. No people. No drama. Just dragons, battles, dragon lore, alphas and mates, and all the things that dragons do.

And yes... the covers for the series have been ordered and I have some samples. But no... you cannot see them yet. We are still working on the finer details to make sure it will be just perfect.


My fourth project is an urban fantasy novel. Think of a cross between Percy Jackson and Assassins Creed. It is called Dreamstate and a step away from my usual fantasy. Fire Quill Designs will be designing my cover for this, but as it is only scheduled for release around July/August, we are still in the beginning stages of gathering ideas.


I will tell you about my fifth, and biggest, project in a moment. First, let me introduce our author of the month and then I have some promos for you as well.




Hailing from Johannesburg South Africa, Sian B. Claven has enjoyed stories for all her life, whether she was reading them or making them. She has written for as long as she can remember, but Ensnared is the first book she decided to publish. Moving towards writing more for the horror / paranormal thriller genre, Sian has subsequently published the first two books in The Butcher Books series, Tatum and Kallista. When Sian isn't thinking of ways to terrify people, she enjoys writing science fiction stories, poetry and rather long and gushy birthday wishes. When she isn't working on her writing you can find her knitting, scrapbooking, reading, or playing Xbox. Sian previously reviewed for The Blithering Bibliomaniacs and still reviews in her private capacity. She clearly doesn't know what the words rest and relaxation mean, at least not in the traditional sense.

Sian has just released a new book. Check it out.

Hans is a brilliant doctor, sent to an Asylum in the middle of nowhere to continue his post-world war experiments on the insane. Karen is a bubbly nurse whose sole intention in the world is to do good and help those that cannot help themselves. Good intentions cross into power hungry mania in this horrific tale of how all their failed experiments come back to haunt them, and how the Asylum holds its own secrets.

“Asylum makes your hair stand on end. This is creepy and dark, yet incredibly fascinating. To delve into the mind of the ‘scientist’ at this asylum is to find sheer madness roiling in those depths, as well as utter self-delusion. The very stones of this madhouse are drenched with horror … a clever and twisted MUST read!”

Elaina J. Davidson.

I also managed to get hold of Sian for an interview. Here is what she had to say.

1) You are releasing your first SciFi-Fantasy in March. What made you decide to deviate from your horror genre?

SIAN: Well I originally wanted to be a fantasy writer and horror kind of took over and then I had this cover and I wanted to write a story for this cover so one thing led to another and BOOM SciFi-Fantasy just came out of me.

2) Did you enjoy writing Unlikely Hero? What kind of challenges did you face?

SIAN: I really did enjoy writing Unlikely Hero but it was one of the hardest books I have ever written because it wasn't a horror book. I am so used to writing horror books that to come up with a fantasy book that isn't gory, deadly or downright creepy was really difficult. Also you fantasy authors have it complicated keeping track of all your species, worlds, rules etc.

3) Tell us a little about your hero/heroine.

SIAN: Jasy, Mark and Lizzie are the people we follow in this series (yes there will be more) and they are quite the trio. Mostly because Jasy doesn't trust Mark and Lizzie because they won't explain to her WHY they have to spacehiker (illegally) across the galaxy and Mark and Lizzie don't trust Jasy because she spacehikes (illegally) which makes her a fugitive from the law. Jasy is inspired by many people in my life but mostly I think I tried to base her off of the person I always imagined I would be in a fantasy book.

4) What's next? Is this a stand-alone, or can we expect more in this genre from you?

SIAN: This is definitely a series! The Spacehiker Adventure Series is going to be awesome. Unlikely Hero starts us off and Hidden In Plain Sight comes out in May which is the sequel.

Oh... and Happy Birthday for the 15th of March, Sian!


SFF Kindle Unlimited Promo 01 - 31 March 2019


T.L. Branson

Don't miss this amazing special by fantasy author T.L. Branson!


C.J. Rutherford

Companion of Darkness

Free the dragons, save the world.

For years, the young faerie, Jesaela, has longed to visit the home of the Eldar. Their Citadel sparkles in the distance, a glowing jewel of magical wonder.

But what happens when your dream becomes a nightmare?

Ripped from her family and home in the forest to become companion to a princess she’s never met, Jes soon discovers the far-off beauty is a lie. The Citadel is a den of darkness and cruelty, with forces and prophecies lurking within the crystal battlements, ready to ensnare the innocent and unwary.

Caught up in an ancient battle between the forces of Light and Darkness, Jes may be her people's only hope...because if she can’t free the dragons from the Eldar curse, the world is doomed.

Suitable for young adults of all ages, Companion of Darkness is Book One in CJ Rutherford's new epic fantasy series, set in his Neverwar universe.


Suzanna J. Linton


Join an amazing adventure about love, loss, and the fate of kingdoms. As a slave, Clara's life extends no further than the castle kitchens and their garden. However, she carries within herself a precious gift: the ability to see the future. When a vision prompts her to prevent a murder, Clara is shoved not only into the intrigues of the nobility but also into a civil war. As events unfold, she begins to unearth chilling secrets about the war and her supposed friends. Driven to learn the truth, Clara embarks on a journey that takes her from her beloved mountains to the very Capital itself, Bertrand. There, she is confronted by an evil as old as the mountains--and it's using her anger and prejudices against her. If she is not careful, not only will the entire nation be lost, but Clara's own soul as well.


Magic Rises Promo 03 - 09 March 2019


Free Reads On Kindle Unlimited 15 - 31 March


Now, finally, let me tell you about my fifth project.

Fire Quill Publishing has brought together a host of amazing fantasy authors to produce a PNR/Urban Fantasy/Fantasy box set due for release in October this year. It will be called:

We will be working around the clock until then to bring you giveaways, promos, competitions, free books, and even character card collections.

The story I am writing for this box set is called The Wolf of Ashford Manor and is a story about a werewolf with a twist. Here is my storyboard for it.

Be sure to join the group so you don't miss out on all the goodies we're giving away along our journey to publishing this amazing box set. Join now.


Now, I better get back to writing. With five projects on the go and a full-time day job, there isn't much time to do anything else. But, there is nothing I'd rather be doing than writing the books you love to read.


Competition ends 31 March 2019

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