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Cyber Monday & December to follow

It's Cyber Monday and today is the last day that you can get The Fae Prophecy for FREE and the others in the series at a discounted price. So, hurry before the discount ends tonight.


As of tomorrow, it's December. Who would have thought we would ever reach the last month in a year that wouldn't end? 2020 has sure been tough, so I thought to release a little something heart-warming to ease you into the Christmas spirit.

A Wolf For Christmas releases tomorrow - December 1st - at only $ 0.99.

It will stay at $ 0.99 until December 7th, before it goes up to $ 2.99, so grab your copy quickly.

A romantic fantasy to melt your heart for Christmas from International Bestselling Author Toni Cox.

Anchorage has always been his home, but a murder forces Logan to flee to Canada. Detectives Johnson and Moore soon find him even there, and, desperate, the wolf shifter makes his way to Juneau on foot.

But fate throws its deadliest terrain and fierce predators in his path. Fatally injured and unable to continue, he is brought to G.L. Jones Expeditions – a dog-sledding operation – and right into the arms of Kimberly, the family vet.

Kimberly is slowly regaining her self-confidence after a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship, and she’s happy, now, with her family and her dogs.

When she gets brought this beautiful but broken wolf to nurse back to health, strange things happen as the wolf regains consciousness, and Kimberly isn’t always sure she can trust her mind. Whenever she touches him, her body tingles in the most unsettling way.

When he looks at her with his glacial blue eyes, it seems he can look right through her. The more he heals, the more she is convinced the wolf understands everything she’s saying – and she wants nothing more than to talk to him.

But there are cops in town looking for a fugitive and a wolf, and something isn’t adding up. Kimberly’s protective instincts kick in, but she’s in for more surprises with her rescued wolf than she could possibly comprehend.

Logan is soon not only fighting for his life but for Kimberly’s, too.


My dystopian novel, Resilient, recently got a make-over and now sports an amazing new cover. It's also going to be on special from December 1st to December 7th at only $ 0.99, so get it while it's hot.


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