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Let the adventure begin

Today is the day that Luke's adventure begins. Are you ready?

Brought to Elveron by his Elven mother, Luke must learn how to make a living amongst the Elves as a Human. Thrust into the middle of a war between the Elves and the Vampyres, Luke’s education in medicine secures him a position as a Healer.

He is tested to his limits to save the people he loves, but once the war is over, he realises his adventure has only just begun.

At the mercy of a fierce, red dragon; a wily, old court Healer; and a wilful princess, Luke embarks on a journey that will change his life forever.

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What would you do if you woke up and you were the last person on Earth?

It is a question Erika has never thought about, but she is suddenly faced with the harsh reality of a world where nothing is as it was and she has only herself to rely on to survive.

Being a city girl, she hasn't got much going for her except that she is ... RESILIENT.


Of course, I am also busy writing

The Wolf of Ashford Manor for the Playing With Fire Box Set.

This is shaping up to be one sexy PNR novel; with enough intrigue to keep you guessing, main characters you'll remember long after the book is read, and a villain you won't see coming.

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Featured Author of the Month

Today, I'd like to introduce you to AJ Flowers

She is also an amazing fantasy author and, if you haven't read her books yet, then I recommend you start now. Here's a little bit about her, and her books.

A.J. Flowers is a fantasy author, professional audiobook narrator, and an automotive engineer who resides in Detroit. She loves her writing, her work, and above all, her faith and family. When not writing, narrating, or designing, you can find her saving the world from annihilation on her favorite video games side-by-side with her Dutch husband and princess Blue Russian kitty named Mina. To follow AJ's blog, head on over to

Here are some of her books - Valkyrie Landing is currently FREE

She is also part of the Cursed Lands Box Set. You can pre-order it HERE.

The Cursed Lands Box Set is running a competition where you can win an Amazon gift card.