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Beta's, ARC's + Win $100 Amazon GC


Book 3 of my Elemental Trilogy has been a year in the making, but it is finally coming together. For those of my fans who have been eagerly anticipating its release... hang on, not much longer to go.

For those of you who would like to get a chance to beta read the book, or receive an ARC when the time comes... hang on, forms will be going out in the next 2-3 weeks.

Keep an eye on my Toni's Elementals group for the forms to be posted. I will also be posting them in other author's groups for everyone not part of my group yet. (Feel free to join Toni's Elementals any time.)

In the meantime, while you're all waiting for Forbidden Elemental, here's a chance for you to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Then, in light of the release of Forbidden Elemental being around the corner (current estimated release date will be in June), I thought I'd put in an excerpt of Elemental Rising for those of you who have not read it yet.

You can buy ELEMENTAL RISING here

Elemental Rising - Prologue

The air was thin at this altitude, but her lungs were used to it. It was thrilling to fly so close to the sun. She rose a little higher, beating her wings faster and faster as the resistance dwindled. Then, once the air could not sustain her any longer, she folded her wings and dove towards the ground. Wind stung her eyes as she raced downwards. She whooped with joy, but the sound was snatched away by the wind before she could hear it.

About a mile from the ground, she spread her wings and levelled out. The forest below was just a green blur as she sped past and the mountains in the north were still too far away for her to notice. She focused instead on the many lakes that dotted the land below like so many diamonds sparkling in the sun.

She made a turn, circled one of the lakes below, and then carried on towards the north. The sheer speed at which she travelled, took her breath away, but that too, she loved. She covered miles in an instant, but it felt like she was flying for eternity. Nothing could ever compare to the thrill of swooping low, brushing the treetops, nor the peace and tranquillity of gliding above the clouds, warmed by the closeness of the sun. She felt whole, at peace with the world. She had everything she ever desired right here, right now. This was where she truly belonged.

As she made her way north, she slowly became aware of another presence. She craned her neck to see behind and above her, but saw no-one. The strange feeling of unease intensified, until she eventually realised that the other presence was in her mind. She fought her panic as it started to probe her consciousness.

It felt immense and dangerous. Alien, yet strangely familiar. It showed her images of strange creatures, twisted and tortured. Faces of people, hurt and confused. Death and pain everywhere she looked. She tried to fight the presence, evict it from her mind, but as she struggled, she started to realise that it was not her that was invaded, but rather that she was the one invading another. The realisation hit her like something physical and with it came an unpleasant tingling in her body. She was overcome by a sudden, terrible weakness. She beat the wings she knew were not hers, but they no longer listened to her command. Wind rushed past her face as she lost altitude. The tingling in her body intensified, until it was almost unbearable.

Her vision dimmed and her head pounded. She tried to suppress the nausea she felt as she fell, but she felt the bile rise to her throat, burning. Faster and faster she plummeted, driving the air out of her lungs. She tried to scream, but no sound came out. The ground rushed closer and closer, the moment of impact only a heartbeat away. In her panic, she milled her arms, trying desperately to keep herself airborne, but she kept falling and falling, faster and faster. Then she hit the ground…and ceased to exist.

Other news in the author world

Upcoming releases:

THE CULLING by Sian B. Claven

SUCKER PUNCH by A. Giannoccaro and Eva Logan

New releases:

MARITICIDE by Jo-Anne Joseph

A BLEAK DECEMBER by Hanleigh Bradleigh

RAGGED HEROES - an anthology

TRAITORS' FATE by Andy Peloquin

Besides me frantically writing (not just Forbidden Elemental, but Luke and Rebirth, too), I am also preparing for some amazing events coming up. I've been working so hard, Sian Claven took me out for dinner with my family the other day, just so I could see something else besides my writing cave.

Here are the events lined up for the coming months. Make sure you get your tickets early.

AlterEgos MEDIEVAL FAYRE 01 September 2018

Reed Exhibitions COMIC-CON SA 14-16 September 2018

Now, lots to do, so let me get back to it. Chat to you all next week.


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