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Coming soon!

It's April 8 and I am supposed to release book 3 of the Elemental Trilogy this month. *Gasps*

No, I am not ready. Epic fantasy can take its time and with a manuscript of over 180,000 words, even my editor is dreading it. But, it will go through to my beta readers soon. I am still looking for two more so, if you are interested, keep an eye on my FB page - the announcement will be made soon.

For those of you who haven't read Elemental Rising and Elemental Betrayal yet, both will go on special just before the release of Forbidden Elemental.

Other books you can look forward to before September this year:

AAvailable now!

And, if by any chance you haven't read my other books yet, you can get them here:

Awesome merchandise!

Another thing that I have been busy with whenever I am not writing, is making swag and merchandise. The Toni Cox brand has grown from simple bookmarks and business cards to include items such as:

- Bookmarks

- Metal Bookmarks

- Key Rings

- Key Chains

- Mugs

- Fridge Magnets

- Necklaces

- and so much more

Remember, the first 10 people to purchase the paperback edition of Forbidden Elemental from me will receive a FREE swag-bag.

Anyone who purchases a set of paperbacks directly from me also qualifies for a FREE swag-bag, containing a variety of items.

Otherwise, come see me at any of the events held this year and you can purchase merchandise directly from my stall.

Next up, is the Discworld Fayre (28 April), followed by the Fantasy Fayre (30 June) and then the Medieval Fayre (1 September). Then is the big event - Comic-Con SA! (14-16 September)

Don't be a stranger. If you're in South Africa, come say hi at the events and get your books signed!

See you soon,

Toni Cox

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