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So, I was a Ravenclaw prefect

Last weekend was a bit of a train wreck. I spent the entire two days in bed, unable to even move, let alone write or do any other authorly things. No newsletter, no blog, no teasers and such for the week to come.

I felt terrible, but luckily I have an amazing author friend who told me my fans would understand if I took a week off in order to feel better.

So, by Wednesday, I was almost feeling myself again and, after five days of not writing, I finally managed to put down a few thousand words for my current novel, FORBIDDEN ELEMENTAL.

Forbidden Elemental is the third installment in the Elemental Trilogy and its release was scheduled for the third week of April. It was an ambitious release date to begin with, but after a few unforeseen setbacks, it might move to the beginning of May. Hope you guys can all forgive me. (I know some of you have so patiently been waiting... I owe you guys!)

About being a Ravenclaw

This week was my #AuthorBestie's birthday and to celebrate, she had a Harry Potter party. We all had to come dressed up in school uniform and wizard's robes and, upon arrival, we all got sorted into our houses and received our wands.

I was chosen to be a prefect for Ravenclaw and one of my duties was to oversee potion making in Potion Class. Slitherin pupils excelled at this.

Sian, our birthday girl, was a Slitherin prefect, as well as the referee of the Quiddich match. Griffindor won the Quiddich cup.

The Hufflepuff pupils really took to the sweets available at Honeydukes and Ravenclaw aced the finals exams.

As a Ravenclaw prefect, I am proud to say that Ravenclaw won the House Cup at the end of the day.

What a way to celebrate!

Another amazing author

One of my fellow Ravenclaw students was author Jo-Anne Joseph. And, sweet as she is, she didn't just bring presents for the birthday girl, she also brought me some of her books! Take a look at these pretties... I cannot wait to get stuck into them.

Discworld 2018

AlterEgos has put together another Discworld event and this time it is being held at their awesome new venue La Vue Lodge in Muldersdrift.

It's on the 28th of April and Alternative Authors will be there selling our books. Come on, join us, dress up and have some fun.

Interview with CTVSA

At the last book market I attended, I had the fortune of being interviewed by CTVSA to talk about my most recent release JASMINE IN LOVE.

Check it out:

Well, that's it from me today.

Have an awesome week.


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