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Elves, dragons, and all things fantasy

Things have become a little hectic here in the dragon's den over the past few weeks and, in order not to lose sight of it all, I had to make a few changes.

One of these changes is that my blog and my newsletter will now go out on the first Monday of every month - like today. So, you will get fewer newsletters/blogs but filled with more, awesome content.

There are several reasons things are so hectic at the moment. The most important one, of course, is that I am working on several books at the moment. Forbidden Elemental, book 3 of the Elemental Trilogy, will be released shortly. All in all, there should be 5 more releases before the end of the year.

Another thing that is keeping me busy, is preparing for Comic-Con Africa 2018. Stand prep is well underway, as is the production of swag and merchandise. Hope to see you all there. (FYI: Jason Momoa will also be there)


Epic Quests

Instafreebie has some amazing books lined up at the moment. Get yours now.


Featured author Derek Alan Siddoway

Derek Alan Siddoway is the author of Teutevar Saga, a medieval western/frontier fantasy series, and Gryphon Riders, a young adult fantasy trilogy. He was born and raised in the American West at the foot of the Uinta Mountains. An Undaunted and Everyday Author, Derek spends his free time reading, obsessively filling notebooks, adventuring outdoors and celebrating small victories. He's also a sucker for Star Wars and football, namely the University of Utah and Minnesota Vikings.

A land under magical siege. An elite band of warriors flying to its defense. To save their kingdom, a quiet blacksmith must fulfill her destiny.

3 books. 600+ pages of page-turning YA epic fantasy!

Eva's job as a blacksmith's apprentice helps her ignore her ever-present daydreams. But when she inadvertently picks up a stolen gryphon egg, her solitary life changes in a heartbeat. She has no choice but to answer a call to join the Windsworn—an elite band of gryphon riders fighting for her kingdom's survival.

As Eva attempts to earn her place among the warriors, she uncovers an age-old plot that could tear the gryphon riders apart. To protect her new friends, she must embark on an epic journey across the continents, each day growing closer to her true destiny. Her survival may depend on trusting old foes and making terrible sacrifices along the way.

Can Eva find her true self and overcome impossible odds before the Windsworn's kingdom collapses into a savage apocalypse?

The Gryphon Riders Trilogy Boxed Set contains three breathtaking novels in the Gryphon Riders YA fantasy series. If you like airborne battles, vast magical lands, and the rise of an unlikely hero, then you'll love Derek Alan Siddoway’s captivating trilogy.

Buy Gryphon Riders Trilogy Boxed Set to take off on an extraordinary magical adventure today!


Fantasy Fiends Podcast

Andy Peloquin & Stevie Collier invited me to be on their podcast. Due to the nature of my "speciality", they also asked biologist A Collier to join us to discuss dragons and all kinds of fantasy creatures. Go check it out!


New releases

Last Resort by Ashleigh G.

Sometimes even love is too heavy to float. Jo is running away even if she can’t admit that to herself. Afraid of what the future holds, she’s looking for an escape and a chance to forget. Her soul is too heavy to float and she’s ready to let it all go and sink to the bottom. Olly ran a long time ago. He’s remained on this little rock in the middle of the ocean for so long that the rest of the world has disappeared. Now he’s ready to leave the island and his past behind him. She wasn’t looking for a holiday romance. He was ready for new adventures. When these two lost souls collide, everything changes. Will Olly give up his future to be a part of hers? Could Jo forget the past and fall in love with the boy who smells like the ocean she’s so afraid of?

Samsara by Jo-Anne Joseph

Luna Tortured for years by recurring nightmares of a drowning woman and the man she'd left behind, the sense that she knew these strangers plagued her. Now a freshman in college,​ she wanted nothing more than a normal life, one that could start if ​​she could only deny the gift the women in her family possessed. Clay was not part of her plans, but he entered her life by storm​. ​How would she reveal her secret without losing him​? She was his before she was her own. Clay He lost his heart a long time ago. The last thing he was looking for was love, much less with Luna, who was young enough to be his daughter. But he craved her like a drug. When she reveals ​the impossible, ​can he bring himself to walk away? ​When every part of him knows she is his? ​*** What if your life was suddenly not your own? What does "forever" really mean?


Currently Reading

I am currently reading Bentwhistle the Dragon by Paul Cude. If you love dragons as much as I do, then I highly recommend this read. Go ahead, 1-click this one, you won't regret it.

Can you be heroic and naive? For Peter Bentwhistle, the answer would most certainly have to be YES! Blissfully unaware of what's going on around him, for the most part he remains fully focused on blending in and keeping a low profile. But fate and just plain bad luck have other designs on him. Not so bad, you might think. Until you discover the TRUTH! Just like his friends, Tank and Richie, he is a.....DRAGON! Thrust into a life away from the underground dragon domain, disguised in an awkward human form in an effort to guide and protect humanity, all he has to do is stay out of trouble, learn how to play hockey and piece together all the parts of the puzzle continually playing out around him. With the help of his two young friends, a master mantra maker and a complete dragon stranger with more than a little history attached to him, will Peter manage to thwart the dark, devious scheme long in the planning? Ever wondered how dragons travel below ground at almost the speed of sound? Want to know how they use magical mantras to transform their giant bodies into convincing human shapes? Learn the true story of George and the Dragon, get a dragon-like perspective on human social issues and gain insight into what to do if you encounter a giant spider grinning at you when you're wearing nothing but your smile. Lose yourself in this unputdownable fantasy adventure NOW!


Sian B. Claven

Enjoy a little bit of horror and paranormal? Sign up for Sian's newsletter and you will receive one of her books to read for free.


East Rand Mall Book Expo 21/22 July 2018

Book expo at East Rand Mall on 21/22 July 2018 Come meet authors - Sian B. Claven - Jo-Anne Joseph - Toni Cox At East Rand Mall on July 21 and July 22 Get your books signed, get some free bookmarks, and maybe buy a keyring, or two.


That's it for now but, just because my newsletter will now go out only monthly does not mean you will not hear from me. In the event of some juicy news, or a new book release, you will be the first to know. In the meantime, I will be hiding in my cave, writing the words... about 40,000 more in order to finish Forbidden Elemental. My editor is ready and waiting and we promise to get it to you as soon as we can. Chat soon Toni

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