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Why am I working so hard?

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Many of you probably won't know this, but I have a diploma in Project Management. This means, that I should - and I say 'should', because I obviously don't - have a clear understanding of time management, and know how to implement it.

Yet, here I am again - one week away from ComicCon Africa, and scrambling to get everything done.

I was in the same situation last year.

- Behind on writing/editing/printing Forbidden Elemental

- Behind on signing my books

- Behind on packaging my books

- Behind on packaging my merchandise

You would think I would have learned. Last year September was the most exhausting month of my author career ... and here I do it all over again.

- I finished writing The Wolf of Ashford Manor only this week

- The manuscript is with my beta reader now, so there will be edits

- I now have 5 days to sign, seal, and deliver all of my books

- And package my merchandise

I don't know why I do this to myself. You'd think I thrive under the pressure. Mm ... maybe, I do. Maybe, I like it.

If I give it some deeper thought, I realise that if it was any other kind of work, I would probably hate the long hours, the tight deadlines, the insurmountable workload.

But, books ... this is what I do, this is what I love. As long as I am writing, I am happy, and I'll gladly work until the wee hours of the morning.


Talking about ComicCon Africa - Are you coming?

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Fall Into Reading Book Fair

The most amazing book fair happening this year. You don't want to miss this!


The Playing With Fire Box Set

This is where I need YOUR help. We are under a month away from release date, yet still so far from achieving our goal. The goal you ask? We are aiming to hit the USA Today Bestseller List with our box set.

Now, we are a small set, with only 12 authors, which makes this a difficult feat to begin with. We've been working extremely hard to get where we are, but now we need help.

So, here I am, asking YOU to help us out. We pretty much need a miracle to pull this off.

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My #AuthorBestie has a new release today

Sian B. Claven released a new book today. It's called BELLADONNA. Check it out.

Meeting Eleanor changes Patrick Knowle's life as he knows it. His only passion has been the ocean right up until meeting the enchanting heiress to a fortune almost as big as his own. Life simply couldn’t get better until Patrick starts seeing the pale woman in the water. Mysteriously, people in their coastal town start to drown in the most bizarre ways. After being attacked himself, Patrick goes on a quest to unearth the mermaids' secret, an