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Setting - The Deep

The Deep is the largest of the guest houses in Braérn. It is run by one of the old noble families of Braérn, the home of Falconfall.

When you’re shown to your room, you may be surprised to find a steaming bath ready for you. Candles will be placed all around it, and the water will smell faintly of lavender. Soaps, sponges, and brushes will be on a low stool next to the bath.

You can drop your bag on your bed, some of which sit next to stained glass windows that overlook a small courtyard full of orange blossom trees. Depending on the room and the size of your party, you might find there is a large curtain dividing two adjacent rooms.

Once you’re bathed and ready, you can head downstairs to join everyone in the foyer. If there is a celebration, you would be led into a large, square courtyard situated at the back of the lodge. It is set between three walls of bordering houses, the fourth wall being the back entrance to the guest house. Trees line the outside borders, filling the yard with shade and sweet perfume.

Lanterns will be hung across the open spaces, and long tables set with candles and flowers will be set up. Flags will flutter in the occasional breeze.

If there are elders or nobles, they will be seated at a table set up a distance from the rest. Perched on a low step, giving it an elevated position over the other tables.

Braérn is famous for its fish, and they never disappoint. Fish and vegetable soup accompanied by freshly baked bread and salty butter. Grilled fish with vegetables, baked fish with goat’s cheese, fried fish in a corn batter, or a fish stew with barley, wheat, and ale. Served, of course, with a variety of different breads, vegetables, and fruits.

To finalize the meal, they could serve a baked pudding of some grain you may not be familiar with, along with a platter of different cheeses. Of course, to drink, there is wine, ale, and for those avoiding those, there is water.

To read more about Braérn, step into Toni’s World in the Elemental Saga.

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