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Character Interview - Maia

I know this is the interview you've all been waiting for. The Life Elemental and Princess of Grildor is here to answer our questions and you can get to know her a little bit (if you've yet to read the books) or a little more (If you've already read the books).

Maia! You’re a life Elemental! Can you tell us how this makes you different from others and why you’re so special?

As an Elf of Elveron, I have elemental magic—just like everyone else. Most of us have power over one, or two, elements, which is normal. Those with control over three, or even four, elements are special, and usually become teachers, advisors, or other important and influential people within our society.

The elements are Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. I, however, have the ability to influence a fifth element—Life. This makes me special, as Life Elementals (and Death Elementals) are only born every several hundred years (and sometimes not for a thousand years).

Are Death and Life Elementals ever related in any way? Has there ever been an instance in history like that?

No, not that I can think of. Life and Death are polar opposites, and until recently, used to fight against each other. In our histories, there is mention of Life and Death Elementals destroying each other, and, in the process, killing their people. It took Blaid and me to dispel the myth about us and to bring peace to our nation.

So, are you the main leader of your people? Above your father? Or will you inherit his throne? Where do you rank as Life Elemental?

Not at all. Our people revere me, but I am no leader. My twin brother, Jaik, will inherit the throne from my father when he eventually hands over the reign. I am the Life Elemental. I am there for the mental, physical, spiritual, and holistic well-being of our nation.

Tell us about your famous dragon Midnight. What makes him different from other dragons on Elveron?

Midnight is a very rare Soul Dragon. Not only are they rare, but they’re also the largest breed on our planet.

Midnight has grown massive in the years that we’ve been soul bound. Not only because he’s matured, but because of the magic that has flowed between us, and the danger that has threatened me and my nation. Midnight is now the largest Soul Dragon there ever was. No one can rival him.

Soul Dragons communicate with their mind with the creature they are bonded with. I was very fortunate to come across him when I was young and helped him out of a sticky situation. We have been soul mates ever since.

Who are you closest to in your family? And who do you like least?

I love everyone in my family, and it has grown over the years, especially since I brought the humans home. At first, I didn’t like Aaron (my husband from Earth) to be there, but he has now settled, and we’ve become friends.

My twin brother Jaik is very close to me, and I couldn’t imagine life without him. My daughter grows closer to me every day. My mother and father mean the world to me, as do my grandparents and other relatives. Blaid is my life partner and is closest to me. He makes me whole.

If you had to name someone as your best friend, who would it be and why?

Hahaha, does it have to be a person? I’d name Midnight (my dragon) and Fire (my stallion). But jokes aside, my best friend is, of course, Blaid. We have been through so much together, and no one knows me as well as he does.

There’s a threat hanging over Elveron. Do you think you have enough power as the life Elemental to overcome it?

That depends on the threat. I am now confident in my power, and it can accomplish great things. I do know, however, that my greatest power lies not in fighting alone, but in being a community.

Also, Blaid kicks ass, so I’d like him by my side 😊

Read about Maia's adventures in the Elemental Trilogy. Start with Elemental Rising and devour the adventures

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