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The Immortal Descendants

The Immortal Descendants is a 5-book paranormal romance series I have been working on for the past year. The first book releases in September 2021 - Immortal Blood - with book 2 following in November 2021.

You can pre-order book 1 here YES, I WANT IT

Here's a little info to whet your appetite.

The ancient races: The races that have endured on Earth since the dawn of time—humans, vampires, fae, werewolves, and witches. Humans, werewolves, and witches are mortal, whereas fae and vampires are immortal. All races are able to bear children.

Vampires: An ancient race of immortals who feed almost exclusively on blood. Although they prefer human blood, any blood will suffice to keep them alive. They can also consume meat, and the very ancient a selection of human foods. Vampires are powerful and fast, with enhanced hearing and eyesight. They possess a magic called compulsion.

Fae Folk: An ancient race of immortals that became extinct nearly a thousand years ago—slaughtered by the vampires during the Spring War. Fae possessed elemental magic, were stronger and faster than humans, and their skin held a faint sheen visible only to other immortals.

Witches: An ancient race of mortals that still lives quietly among humans although their numbers have dwindled over the years. Only immortals or familiars are able to tell the difference between humans and witches—and, of course, witches themselves. Witches posses earth magic, or otherwise known as wiccan magic.

Humans: The most prolific of the ancient races, these mortals reproduced so much in the last millennium that they now outnumber the other ancient races by two hundred and fifty thousand to one. Humans have neither extraordinary abilities nor magic.

Lycanthropes: These were shape-shifting humans, also called werewolves. They had an extended lifespan of between two-and-three hundred years. They could turn into their wolf shape at will, and not just at the full moon as became legend. No one knows for sure what happened to the lycanthropes, but they started disappearing as far back as a thousand years ago. Over time, only lycans remained, which are hunted to this day.

Lycans: Lycans evolved from lycanthropes when those died out many hundreds of years ago. Bigger, stronger, and hideous, they look nothing like their ancestors did. They are vicious and aggressive, and will hunt whenever they feel like it. They eat whatever they come across—from deer to humans. Although they are not immortal, they have an extended lifespan of up to two hundred years, and can bear up to 4-5 pups at a time.

Luceats: Luceats were created by the vampires a thousand years ago when the fae died out. During the last stages of the Spring War saved the last few fae warriors as they lay dying on the battlefield. They infected them all with a vampire bite, robbing them of their fae magic, but giving them some vampire strength in return, thus saving their lives. They are now called ‘the shining ones’ as their skin retained the sheen of the fae. Luceats do not drink blood as the vampires do. They serve as bodyguards to their vampire lords, serve to erase paranormal activity, and entire teams of them hunt lycans. Luceats, given their heritage, are immortal.

Bellators: Bellators are humans bitten by vampires. They are also called familiars. The bite gives them an extended lifespan of up to three hundred years, supernatural strength and speed, and enhanced hearing and vision. Bellators can eat normal food, or drink blood if they wish to do so. Vampires can feed off them. Bellators serve two purposes: 1) erase all paranormal activity before humans discover it. 2) interact with the human world on behalf of the vampires, i.e. run their businesses.

Marathana: The Marathana family are the ruling royals of the vampires, and their empire is feared and revered throughout the world. They make the laws, they enact them, and they expect them to be followed. They are ruthless with those that do not obey.

Lierre: The House of Lierre used to be the royal family of the fae, which died out a thousand years ago during the Spring War. Queen Tanelia Lierre bore one child, Princess Aurora Lierre.

Sal’Ita: An ancient and secret form of martial arts practiced by the fae. It can be compared to the fighting style of Krav Maga, but as graceful as Aikido. Only warriors of the highest order were taught in Sal’Ita.


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