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The Dark Forest

The dark forest is located near Menandril fields. It was one of the few unchartered terrirtories within the Grildor-Bron Mountains. It spanned the entire area between two mountain ridges and could only be accessed from the east or the west. Within, the forest is dense, with more undergrowth than in any other forest in these mountains.

Strange stories were told about the dark forest and, although everyone referred to it as the dark forest, it did not have a name. The Elders told stories about what would come alive if it was given a name and everyone feared going into these woods.

Breaching the treeline of the dark forest, the sounds immediately change. The gentle wind rustling through the dry grass on the plain is replaced by the eerie sounds of the wind whistling through the dark trees.

There is no path but there are narrow game trails that criss-cross the forest. The tree are as tall as those at Shadow Hall, but they are gnarled and twisted, giving them weird shapes. The bark grows darker and thicker as well.

The gnarled trees’ thick canopies let in little light. The forest groans and creaks. Although assumed to be empty, there are many animals that live in the forest. Including the rumoured Riven.

The dark forest is the highlighted section on the map.

Featuring predominantly in the third book, read your way through mystical lands in this epic fantasy!

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