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Summer? or Winter?

I've been speaking to a lot of author friends lately and everyone seems to be loving the summer. Well, not so much us down here in South Africa.

Yes, we might be in Africa, but it gets pretty cold here, too. With nighttime temperatures dropping to almost freezing, I've been envying my peer's posts about summer holidays, blooming gardens, and kids in the swimming pool.

So, most of the time I sit here, wrapped in my gown and a blanket, trying to stay warm while I work on my next book.

Speaking of which... Dreamstate is coming along nicely. Check out its gorgeous cover!

Dreamstate by Toni Cox

Dreamstate is an urban fantasy novel that merges the best of "Percy Jackson" and "Ready Player One" in a race to save humanity. Stay tuned for the release date!



Last month's release "Resilient" is still doing really well. I've had great feedback and some amazing reviews. Want in on the story? Get yours HERE.

What would you do if you were the last person on Earth?

The outbreak of the S1 Virus in China is breaking news all over the globe – it is killing apes by the hundreds.

Erika, who has a pretty good life in Johannesburg, South Africa, is little concerned with wildlife disasters so far away.

But when Erika falls ill and is bedridden for a couple of days, the world is not as she left it.

An empty city greets her the day she sets foot outside her door. Abandoned cars, a creepy silence, and hollow-eyed corpses is all she finds.

Alone, frightened, and heartbroken, she must now find a way to survive this apocalyptic world she has woken up to. Does she have the will, the strength, and the ingenuity to survive?

Against all odds she has one thing going for her – she’s resilient.


New stuff

Besides Dreamstate, I am also currently working on several other projects, some of which are releasing this year. I'm working on quite a tight schedule, as I'm planning on releasing two more books before Comic-Con in September, and another one needs to be with my (absolutely awesome) editor by mid-September.

"The Wolf of Ashford Manor" - this is part of the Playing With Fire anthology (October 2019)

"The Last Dragonrider" - a stand-alone YA fantasy

"Rebirth" - an Elemental novella (November 2019)

"Dragonlore - Master of Legends" - book 1 of the Dragonlore series

Here's a little sneak-peek teaser graphic for Rebirth, which is Aaron's story.

Rebirth by Toni Cox



Have you got the latest Elemental novella yet? All the Elemental short stories are stand-alone books, so can be read in any order. If you haven't read the first three but want to read Luke, no problem. Each novella can be enjoyed on its own.

(My die-hard fans will tell you, though, to first read the Elemental trilogy, and then the short stories in the following order: Midnight Tales, On Fire, Jasmine In Love, Luke.)

Get your copy of Luke HERE.

Brought to Elveron by his Elven mother, Luke must learn how to make a living amongst the Elves as a Human. Thrust into the middle of a war between the Elves and the Vampyres, Luke’s education in medicine secures him a position as a Healer.

He is tested to his limits to save the people he loves, but once the war is over, he realises his adventure has only just begun.

At the mercy of a fierce, red dragon; a wily, old court Healer; and a wilful princess, Luke embarks on a journey that will change his life forever.


You can get all my other books HERE


Author of the Month

Victoria DeLuis has some amazing books that I thought I'd highlight for you today. Go check her out.


The Brightblade Box is a collection of awesome, once-in-a-lifetime, dragon author swag that we've put together just for you. One winner gets it all. The competition will be open for the entire month of July.

But, just for signing up, you're already a winner. Every entry will receive a free e-book. So, what are you waiting for?

Enter now to stand a chance to win your dragon hoard of goodies!


Recommended Reads

Here are some amazing books for you to sink your teeth into.

Bound by Blood - by Tiffany Shand

Sworn to Raise - by Terah Edun

Dark Unicorn - by Taylor Haiden & Angela Kulig

Draxton - by EL Drayton (It's FREE)

Enixar Solitude of Sin - by Mikkell K. Kahn

Gargoyle Awakening - by Lisa Blackwood

Dragonia - by Craig A. Price Jr.



And, last but not least, here are your promos. Sales, freebies, and just books, books, books.

Happy reading, Elementals!


As always... remember to pre-order your Playing With Fire box set, if you haven't done so already :-)

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