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Review - Abducted for the Pack

Author: Natalie Prim

5 Stars

If you've made it past the disclaimer, then you're going to enjoy this book. Great story line, intense characters, so much steam, and good world building. I can't wait for the story to continue.


WARNING: THIS EROTIC RH/POLY NOVEL CONTAINS DARK SUBJECT MATTER Please visit for the content warning! Monsters are real... and I'm in love with them.

I’ve always been the quiet wallflower. Invisible. Unremarkable. No friends, and no memories worth having. Coasting through my last year of college, I take a chance on a frat party, and wake up later surrounded by monsters,. What follows is an encounter I couldn’t scrub from my brain if I tried. Worst of all, I don't want to. I’m tossed into their world, where any hope of escape is wrecked by the filthy-mouthed alpha, and his pack’s obsession with me. They show me pleasure—and pain—like I never thought possible. Even love. But our fledgling bonds are tested too soon, as we're pitted against rival packs, ancient foes, warring factions, crazy zealots, and an illusion of choice which could leave me irreversibly changed. >This series contains unique world-building, pack dynamics, monster-shifters, and a buffet of s3x scenes with MF, MM, MMF, MFM, MMMFM, MFMMMMMMF, MMM, and eventually FF. >Swords cross all over the place in here, ladies and gents. #LetTheGuysKiss #LetTheWomenKiss #LoveIsLove #IfYouClutchedYourPearlsThisAintTheBookForYou #dc #shiftedsex #abduction #poly #monsters #sizedifference #knotting #choking #biting #cutting #malemale #malefemale #yoitsdark #somuchmore

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