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Character Interview - Blaid

Let's get to know the Death Elemental himself!

Where are you originally from? What’s it like there?

I am from a mountain kingdom and the city I was born in is called Caverna Estralis. It’s very mountainous with tall mountains and many caves, lots of forests and a large sparkling lake. We get a lot of snow in winter but the summers are beautiful.

Do you believe in magic? Can you do any magic?

Of course I believe in magic, I’m a prime elemental. I wield the power over all four elements plus a fifth element which is Death. I am a Death Elemental.

Do you like adventure? What’s the greatest adventure you’ve been on?

I do like adventure. I’ve been on many many adventures including going to other life planets in our galaxy but my biggest adventure is falling in love with Maia.

Who is your arch nemesis and what made you turn against them?

My arch nemesis are the vampyres from the planet Naylera who have invaded Elveron several times and we have been at war for years but we have now found an amicable solution and for now the peace is holding.

What is your position in society? Is there a hierarchy? How do you fit in it?

Officially I am the prince of Elbendal but my sister took the crown as I have duties as the Death elemental which is my fulltime job. I work closely with Maia Princess of Grildor who is the Life elemental.

What’s your favourite magical creature? Are you friends with any? What’s their name?

My favourite magical creatures are dragons. I have one of my own, his name is Fury and Maia also has her own dragon called Midnight and I’m friends with him too.

Do you have a best friend? What’s their name and what’s your favourite thing about them?

I’ve been a loner for most of my life, especially since my old mentor died but in recent years I’ve grown really close to my sister Siana who is now the ruler of Elbendal.

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