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Character Interview - Aaron

Where are you originally from? What’s it like there?

Hi, I’m Aaron, and I’m from Earth. Earth is a sister planet to Elveron, which is where I live now, and belongs to the Milky Way Galaxy. Now, that I have been here for a while, I see Earth as a terrible place—over-populated, polluted, and decaying. I didn’t notice it so much when I lived there but living on Elveron has opened my eyes to what Humans have done to their planet.

Do you believe in magic? Can you do any magic?

Ha! Of course, I believe in magic. How do you think I got here? Maia—in all her wisdom—took us with her when she left Earth. She brought us through that portal with her magic, and even now, no one knows how she did it. She’s simply incredible. Did you know that Stonehenge on Earth is a portal to other worlds?

Anyway, I’m babbling. And, no, I can’t do magic. I might have changed much, and taken on many similarities to the Elves, but magic isn’t one of them. My daughter, however, has some water magic. I am so proud of her.

Do you like adventure? What’s the greatest adventure you’ve been on?

(Squares shoulders, puts hands on sword at his hip) I am the captain of my own regiment now. It’s taken years—and, yes, many adventures—to get here, but I am one of the Elves’ most recognised warriors.

My greatest battle was when I went to free our neighbouring country from an invasion of Vampyres. The king of that country had betrayed his people, and I took my squadron there on dragonback to give the country back its freedom.

Who is your arch nemesis, and what made you turn against them?

Personally, I don’t have enemies, but when we first came here, the Elves were threatened by an invasion of Vampyres. We fought many wars over several years, and even now we are vigilant, and root our small skirmishes, but mostly, we have peace now.

What is your position in society? Is there a hierarchy? How do you fit in it?

The Elves have a monarchy, and I serve my king, Lord Longshadow. I have served diligently over the years, and our family has a good standing within society. We are well-off because of the services we rendered to our country.

What’s your favourite magical creature? Are you friends with any? What’s their name?

Everything is magical on Elveron. I spent many Moons studying the creatures and plants here, and I am still fascinated. Much of it I still don’t understand, and my wife, Rothea, assists me with my studies. I love learning about my adoptive planet.

Maia—who used to be my wife back on Earth—has a dragon named Midnight. He is as magnificent as he is massive. I have been close to him, and have spoken to him, but I wouldn’t say we are friends. I think he tolerates me now that I have a wife of my own and am no longer a threat to Maia.

Do you have a best friend? What’s their name and what’s your favourite thing about them?

My wife Rothea is my best friend. And, once our baby is born, I think he or she will become the biggest part of our lives. I’m also close with the Commanders of my Regiment, as they’ve had my back on every mission we’ve been on. We have saved each other’s life a dozen times, or more.

Read about Aaron in either Rise of the Nightingale or the Elemental Boxset (Currently on special)

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