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Welcome to the Dreamstate

Today, I'd like to give you a look behind the scenes of a book I'm writing.

It's called Dreamstate, and it's an Urban Fantasy novel, set in the Olympic Peninsula of the United States. Because of its storyline, and setting, I have a vast variety of characters. They range from normal civilians, to scientists and doctors, to sergeant majors and generals, and, of course, dreamers.

Other characters that play a major part in this novel are monsters. Besides naming my characters, I had an awful lot of fun coming up with names for my monsters - but you'll have to wait for Dreamstate to come out to find out what they are.

What I can share with you today, is my inspiration board for my monsters. They are just images I found online that I use as a guide while I work. This should give you a taste of what to expect when Dreamstate releases next month.


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What would you do if you were the last person on Earth?

The outbreak of the S1 Virus in China is breaking news all over the globe – it is killing apes by the hundreds.

Erika, who has a pretty good life in Johannesburg, South Africa, is little concerned with wildlife disasters so far away.

But when Erika falls ill and is bedridden for a couple of days, the world is not as she left it.

An empty city greets her the day she sets foot outside her door. Abandoned cars, a creepy silence, and hollow-eyed corpses is all she finds.

Alone, frightened, and heartbroken, she must now find a way to survive this apocalyptic world she has woken up to. Does she have the will, the strength, and the ingenuity to survive?

Against all odds she has one thing going for her – she’s resilient.


Author of the month

Today, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to Angela J. Ford.

Angela J. Ford is an award-winning blogger and author of the International Best Selling epic fantasy series: The Four Worlds. She enjoys travelling, hiking and can often be found with her nose in a book. Aside from writing she enjoys the challenge of working with marketing technology and builds websites for authors. She is currently working on her next epic fantasy series: Legend of the Nameless One. If you happen to be in Nashville, you'll most likely find her at a local coffee shop, enjoying a white chocolate mocha and furiously working on her next book. Enjoy a copy of the free short story: Citrine's Monsters by going to

The portals opened. Poison seeped in. The world changed forever.

International Bestselling author, Angela J. Ford, returns to the magical world of The Five Warriors with this thrilling tale of Marklus the Healer. After the war, Marklus the Healer is confronted by a murder, a curse and falling in love with the King’s exquisite—and forbidden—daughter. Marklus is desperate to restore his land from a deadly poison using his gift—the power of life and death. But Marklus can't go home, he has a promise to keep. He must travel east with his best friend, Crinte the Wise, to heal the immortal people that dwell in the sky. However, Marklus soon discovers the kingdom in the sky is a tomb of death, full of mist and shadows. The immortals are hiding a terrible secret and escape will cost more than his life. Torn between the pull of his homeland and the king’s enchanting daughter, a revelation regarding his gift—or curse—of life and death forces Marklus to choose between love or returning home. Will Marklus escape from the immortals?

There are plenty more books, so check out her Amazon page HERE


My writing style

I've been asked so many times what my writing style is - am I a plotter, or am I a pantser? I have never been able to answer that question, for I believed myself to be neither. Then, I came across this, and I discovered I am a LAWFUL PLANTSER.

I have the story in my head, and I'll write down a brief synopsis of it. Then, I will spend weeks, or even months researching, worldbuilding, and creating my characters. Once that is done, I start writing. I have the basic outline of the story, and the end in sight, but the characters (who are all incredibly independent) drive the story and, most of the time do what they want, anyway.


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Recommended Reads

Wow - do I have a selection for you today! Most of these are international bestselling authors, and are among my top favourite reads. Go on, check them out!


Also, remember LUKE released on the 30th of April

Haven't got your copy yet? Get it now for only $ 0.99



Looking for something else? Maybe you're looking for your next favourite author, or some SciFi & Fantasy bargains, or even some giveaways. Check out these promos below, and I'm sure there will be something there for everyone. Have fun!


Happy reading!


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