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Deadpool, a unicorn, and a ringmaster

I took a bit of a hiatus from writing this week as things in my personal life escalated to a point where concentrating on writing was simply not possible.

Early in the week, my father-in-law took a turn for the worse and we were getting ready to say good-bye. Hanging on a machine in an induced coma, they gave him little chance. But, he is strong and he fought through it and is now opening his eyes and recognizing us.

My friend who was in hospital unfortunately did not make it. Her family said good-bye to her during the week and it clearly put into perspective how blessed we are to still have dad around.

On top of all that, I had to take my cat to the vet on Saturday, as she had lost half her body weight during that week. After some blood test, the vet diagnosed her with kidney failure. With the medicine and special food she is on now she should be able to have some quality of life left.

As for me... I went back to the ENT and he was not happy with my progress. I am to stay on my medication for another month and if there has been no improvement, then I will have to go for the op.

So, yeah, writing was not high on my priority list this week. Neither was checking Facebook, so I may have missed some of your messages, I will try and catch up on everything that has happened.

On the lighter side of things, we are getting ready for AlterEgo's FANTASY FAYRE. My husband took Sian and I to the costume hire place to get our outfits for Saturday. Oh boy... we're going to look so cool. I will be a unicorn and Sian will be a ringmaster.

And the best part? My husband has decided to dress up as well... as Deadpool. I cannot wait to show you all what we look like, but you'll have to wait until Saturday. I promise, we will post pictures. Keep an eye on my page:

And if you guys do not have tickets to the Fantasy Fayre yet, get them now before they are sold out. TICKETS


I also have some $0.99 SciFi & Fantasy Bargains for you starting in June. So pop back on Thursday and have a look. It will be on my Facebook page as well. CLICK HERE


Author of the week

Richard H. Stephens

To start off with, Richard has a freebie for us. Check it out:

Free stand-alone prequel e-book:

Richard is about to release his first full-length fantasy novel.

35 years in the making, the epic fantasy saga will start with Soul Forge on August 14, 2018.


One other thing happening this week is Author Friends With Benefits' birthday bash week.

I am taking part in several of their events, so have a look at the events page. Join us, meet the authors, win some books and other goodies. Hope to see you there.


So, that's all for today. Hopefully, I will have some lighter news next week, as well as pictures from the fantasy fayre.

Hope you all have a good week.


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