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The winning formula

Heya guys,

So, today I am really excited. I had a great week of writing and have made so much progress on Forbidden Elemental, book 3 of the Elemental Trilogy. I also wrote some more of Luke, book 4 of the Elemental Short Story Series, as well as getting some words down on my first dystopian novel, Resilient, which is due to be released later this year.

All in all, I wrote just over 20,000 words - and I still have a day job from 7:30 to 16:30 Monday to Friday - so I think that is pretty darn good. How did I do it? It's simple... I very much enjoy writing and I look forward to it, even after a full day's work. It is my escape, my haven, from the harsh reality of the outside world.

But, that's not all. I also have the most wonderful, supportive husband who keeps the coffee flowing, even if I write until the wee hours of the morning. And, I have an #AuthorBestie, who writes with me almost every day of the week and we keep each other motivated and focused.

Other things we did together this week: attended a site meeting for a fair coming up, visited a craft shop to buy some products for author swag, went to the hardware store to buy mesh for our display stands, we took stock of all our swag and updated our accounting system, and (not book related) visited the hospital for X-rays and blood tests. All in all, it is wonderful to have an author friend you can share the "authoring" experience with and I attribute a lot of my success to us working together. Go ahead, try working with a buddy, it works!

Now, seeing as I cannot share a new release with you yet, here's another chance for you to win $100. Just imagine all the books you could buy with that!

I am also part of this amazing fantasy give-away, alongside some other fantastic authors. Want to discover some new books? Go check it out.


There are, however, some fantastic books that have just been released by some amazing author friends of mine. Go ahead, one-click them, you won't regret it.

Featured author of the week (and #AuthorBestie)

THE CULLING by Sian B. Claven

Twenty Elders came to their rescue. Twenty cities across the world were established. Twenty cities across the world were safe. Twenty cities middle children went to Nirvana. In a world enveloped in darkness, where demons surround every inch of the globe. Twenty safe Zones have been set up and are protected by the Lord, and his Elders. Each year one Zone sends out their next generation of Middle Born Children to reach Nirvana and spend the rest of their lives with the Lord. Only once outside the Zone, they are left to wonder if faith alone is enough to protect them from the darkness of the world.


New releases


A Heartbreaking Fantasy Romance

Every kingdom has an origin… this is Manor Saffron’s founding story. There are four great Manors across Terra that care for the angels cast from Celestia, but it had not always been that way.

Valeria is the first wingless angel to survive in a world overrun by demons and malice. Raised on the unforgiving Obsidian Sea, she’ll learn what it means to be Windborn, and what she’ll have to sacrifice to change a broken world she’s grown to love.

The humans huddle in the last remaining stronghold: Leocivat. They are ruled by a governing force of Hallowed known as the Coterie. Nile, their youngest and newest addition, strives to understand how the demons have come to dominate the outlands and continue to ravage the world. He will find out what it takes stop them, even if he’s the only one willing to try.

Nile needs an angel. Valeria needs a guide. When Valeria and Nile join forces, the foundation of the world will be shaken, and a new one will rise.

This novel can be read as standalone or in continuation of the Celestial Downfall Series.

HYBRIDS by T.A. Moorman