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Unicorn cake, cover reveal and giveaways

It was my birthday this week and I got incredibly spoiled. My #AuthorBestie baked me a unicorn cake and my husband bought me a telescope so I can look at all the beautiful planets in our universe.

But, between baking cakes and blowing up balloons, my #AuthorBestie also had a cover reveal for her new book. Sian B. Claven's THE CULLING is now available for pre-order. This is one book you do not want to miss!

Pre-order now: THE CULLING

Twenty Elders came to their rescue.

Twenty cities across the world were established.

Twenty cities across the world were safe.

Twenty cities middle children went to Nirvana. In a world enveloped in darkness, where demons surround every inch of the globe. Twenty safe Zones have been set up and are protected by the Lord, and his Elders. Each year one Zone sends out their next generation of Middle Born Children to reach Nirvana and spend the rest of their lives with the Lord.Only once outside the Zone, they are left to wonder if faith alone is enough to protect them from the darkness of the world.

Win 52 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Paperbacks

Then, for you fantasy fans out there and you haven't entered this amazing giveaway yet, here's another chance to enter. Some fabulous authors have contributed to this... well worth entering.


Discworld Day is coming is now only a week away. It is on Sir Terry Pratchett's birthday this year.

28 April 2018 at La Vue Lodge in Muldersdrift. Get your signed paperbacks direct from me.

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