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So much excitement

New Releases

There are going to be some amazing new books out soon by some really talented authors.

MARITRICIDE by Jo-Anne Joseph - 30 April 2018

How far would you go to protect your loved ones? What would be the ultimate sacrifice? Lie? Fight? Steal? Would you kill? For Alyssa Morgan there was no question. She would do anything. When her ideologies are threatened she has a choice to make. But can she destroy the one person she trusted most in the world? Luke Greene realized from the moment she walked into his office he was in too deep. He believed in her innocence, even though she refused to admit it. Was his obsession with Alyssa just a diversion from his own crumbling life? He has a choice to make - his profession or uncovering the truth.

Cover reveal happening April 16th - Jo's Romance Queens

A BLEAK DECEMBER by Hanleigh Bradley - 01 May 2018

Her Christmas list isn't long. It is the shortest it has ever been. She doesn't want a pretty new pair of shoes or a new dress to wear to her work's New Years Eve bash. All Ella wants is a Christmas Miracle. With a sick mum in hospital and a little brother at home, she struggles to maintain order in the chaos that is quickly engulfing her. If she doesn't get her miracle will her entire world fall apart? And if it does, who will help her put it back together again?

THE CULLING by Sian B. Claven - 15 May 2018

Sian has a cover and blurb reveal happening on 22 April 2018.

JOIN HERE for this awesome event



To celebrate the release of A Bleak December by Hanleigh Bradleigh, a few authors are getting together for a FB HOP. Check out their groups and join us for the day.

Competitions, prizes, giveaways, free books and more.

Don't miss out!

Times are EST


Discworld Day is coming closer. It is on Sir Terry Pratchett's birthday this year.

28 April 2018 at La Vue Lodge in Muldersdrift.

Get your tickets now: TICKETS

We are also getting closer to the release of FORBIDDEN ELEMENTAL.

To stay up to date on the progress, chances to win swag, books and other goodies, join my group

Finally, here's another awesome author I discovered. Well worth a read!

Coilhunter - A Science Fiction Western Adventure (The Coilhunter Chronicles Book 1)

Welcome to the Wild North, a desolate wasteland where criminals go to hide—if they can outlast the drought and the dangers of the desert. Or the dangers of something else. Meet Nox, the Coilhunter. A mechanic and toymaker by trade, a bounty hunter by circumstance. He isn't in it for the money. He's in it for justice, and there's a lot of justice that needs to be paid. Between each kill, he's looking for someone who has kept out of his crosshairs for quite a while—the person who murdered his wife and children. The trail has long gone cold, but there are changes happening, the kind of changes that uncover footprints and spent bullet casings. Plagued by nightmares, he's made himself into a living one, the kind the criminals and conmen fear. So, welcome, fair folk, to the Wild North. If the land doesn't get you, the Coilhunter will. This is a standalone book in the Coilhunter Chronicles series, which can be read in any order.

>>>Free with Kindle Unlimited<<<

Ultimate Paperback Giveaway

More news next week.

See you then,


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