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No jokes, people!

So, today is the 1st of April and I am sure there were quite a few "news stories" that went around today that had some people up in arms.

Well, my news is for real, I assure you. We are half-way through the Easter weekend and I have managed to finish two chapters of Forbidden Elemental and am half-way through another. That might not sound like much to some, but when you write epic fantasy and each chapter is 10,000 words long, I think that is quite an achievement.

I also have another full day of writing planned for tomorrow and hope to complete my current chapter, plus the next one. Like I said last week, I am a little behind my schedule with Forbidden Elemental and I was feeling a somewhat down about it. Now, though, with the words flowing the way they are, I am feeling a lot more positive about it.

Still, there are people out there who are dying to get their hands on this book and I still feel bad that it has been delayed. So, to make myself feel better (and to appease my readers), I have decided to give away ten absolutely amazing swag-bags, containing key rings, bookmarks, fridge magnets and merchandise.

I will give a swag-bag to the first 10 people to buy a paperback from me directly from my first print-run. These will be signed, first editions.

(Sorry, guys, offer for SA only)

If you guys would like more updates on my writing and other Elemental news, come over and join my FB group THE ELEMENTALS.

The other new that is also very real (even If I can hardly believe it myself yet) is that I have officially been accepted to Comic-Con SA held here in South Africa in September this year.

I believe tickets are selling fast, so get yours now!

Chat again next week.


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