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The day has finally come ~ it is release day for our box set


We have worked so hard for so many months, but now the time has come and it is out of our hands. For me, becoming a bestseller would be a dream come true ~ something I have hoped would happen ever since I started writing back in 2015.

Are we going to hit the USA Today Bestsellers List? It is up to you now. 

For just $ 0.99 you get our 12 stories in the set, which you can purchase on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, and Apple + you can download 14 of our stories for FREE if you click the link below.

What do you say? Can you spare a Dollar to help us out?

They say love conquers all, but in the paranormal worlds of these twelve USA Today and international bestselling authors, falling in love means playing with fire…

Someone’s about to get burned.

Dig into hours of forbidden love, lust, and heat as these heroes and heroines long for their beloveds, break taboos, and fight for the ones they never should have chosen—but could never resist.

This boxed set is bursting at the seams with romance grounded in all things magical—from dragons and sexy shapeshifters to angels, warlocks, and uninhibited masters. We have something to strike everyone’s fancy.


Kindle Oasis Giveaway

Playing With Fire Boxset authors are giving away a Kindle Oasis


There are several chances to enter. Fill in the form today.

The competition is open until the 15th of October 2019.

Copy and paste the link into your web browser if the page does not load by clicking the image -

If you're still having issues, please contact


The Wolf

My free read that you can download is called The Wolf.

It is a short story that introduces you to Patrick, who is the main character of the book I wrote for the Playing With Fire set.

The Wolf is also a Paranormal Romance, although maybe not quite as steamy as

The Wolf of Ashford Manor.


The Wolf of Ashford Manor

The animal within him was never far from the surface, but with her, the wolf was untamable.

Patrick Blakesley, born to a bloodline of werewolves, falls in love with the mysteriously shy, yet ravishingly beautiful daughter of his new employer – the Lord of Ashford Manor.

When the town of Ashford is besieged by a sudden spate of murders, suspicions fall on Patrick, for he has been discovered for the beast that he is.

Although forced to go into hiding, it does not stop Patrick from pursuing his love for Angelica. Shacked up in an old boat shed, they discover pleasures such as only forbidden fruits can yield.

As Patrick discovers all that Angelica has to offer, the brutal murders continue.

Are they strong enough together to discover the true beast and tame it, before all of humanity perishes before its wrath?


Pre-order Promotion from Rebecca Hamilton

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