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Setting - Braérn

On the path to Braérn, you will ride along the Axis and pat the Silver Forest, turning slightly easterly when you reach the far end of the city. The terrain slopes gently downward here, still interspersed with rocky outcrops, although the mountain proper ended at Shadow Hall. You will follow the Odal River until, about half a day’s ride from the city, it joined the Oakin River. The Oakin River traversed the Yllitar Plains and then split into Nithril Deep at Braérn.

The City:

Braérn is bigger than Shadow hall, numbering about five times as many inhabitants, and was one of the few big cities on Elveron. Most cities did not have more than one to three thousand inhabitants. Shadow Hall’s total population numbers just over two thousand, and although small compared to Braérn, it was actually one of the larger cities.

Braérn was set on one of the Trade Routes, and trade flourishes. One can procure a wide variety of goods here, some

exotic from as far away as the rain forest in the south.

It is set along the bank of Nithril Deep, one of the Great Lakes of Elveron.

The houses are primarily built from river clay, with great oak beams for structure. The walls are whitewashed, and their stained glass windows sparkled in the sunlight. Multi-coloured cloth adorns each window, and every roof sprouts a flag with the family’s crest.

The narrow lanes between the houses are cobbled in river stone and are always scrubbed so clean that they shone in the sunlight. In the middle of the city is a great market square, where the traders exhibit their wares. This is also cobbled but interspersed with beautifully tended flower beds, sprouting a fantastic variety of local and exotic plants and flowers.

Explore Braérn now.

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