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Character Interview - King Longshadow

Where are you originally from? What’s it like there?

I was born in Shadow Hall, Grildor. Back then, my father ruled the city as king. Even back then, the trees stood 300 feet tall, and our treehouses filled them, shining their lights at night like stars from the sky. Shadow Hall is one of the bigger cities in Grildor, with over 2000 inhabitants, but what makes the city famous are our horses. The Midland Swift is the most popular breed in the region, and we breed the best, exporting them far and wide.

We’re also home to the Life and Death Elementals, making our city an attraction for people wanting to visit these extraordinary people.

Do you believe in magic? Can you do any magic?

Of course, all Elves can do magic; what kind of question is that? Have you had your head stuck in a bucket? Didn’t I just tell you about our Elementals? (Huffs) Maia and Blaid–our Elementals–have the power over all four elements, plus their life and death elemental. They have saved our planet more than once from a terrible fate.

But, as I said, all Elves can do magic, but most of us can control only one or two of the elements–like water, air, wind, or earth.

Do you like adventure? What’s the greatest adventure you’ve been on?

(Sighs) I have had many great adventures. The latest one I have been on was when I travelled across Greater Grildor to call the kings of our neighbouring lands to our aid to defend against our enemy during the war. It was a trek of epic proportions, travelled by dragon for most of the way…and during winter, as well. It is not a journey I’d like to repeat.

I’d like to say I like adventure, but alas, I am enjoying my rest for now. Let the younger folk pursue adventure for now.

Who is your arch nemesis, and what made you turn against them?

The Vampyres used to be our enemies, but since we defeated them in the war, we have come to an agreement. We now trade with them, and peace has returned to our land.

We’re not naive, though, and keep a close eye on them. Vampyres and their beasts, the Werewolves, have an appetite for Elves, and can’t always be trusted. We give them food and raw materials for their oil, so they shouldn’t need for anything, but one never knows when it won’t be enough anymore.

What is your position in society? Is there a hierarchy? How do you fit in it?

What would society be without a hierarchy? There must be order, and there must be laws, and as King, it is my duty to see that both get upheld. I have been king for centuries, and my time to abdicate has not come yet. However, my young son, Jaik, is King-in-waiting and has proven himself worthy. When the time comes, he will be a good king–of that, I have no doubt.

What’s your favourite magical creature? Are you friends with any? What’s their name?

Personally, I like horses the best. They are predictable and reliable. But…(scratches his head)...after my journey last year, I have come to enjoy the Plains Dragons, and I have kept the one I rode for the trip. He’s my own now. His name is Shockwave.

Do you have a best friend? What’s their name, and what’s your favourite thing about them?

(Grumbles) I am the King, and I am always surrounded by my Elders and Advisers…

Yes, but do you have a friend?

(Frowns and purses lips) Mumbles…


King Longshadow’s wife, Maelyn, pokes her head in and says: How about Silas? He’s your oldest adviser. He’s cheeky enough to tell you straight to your face what he thinks, whether you’re the king or not. And what about your daughter? I can’t think of anyone closer to you than Maia. You two are always talking and whispering and laughing. And what about me? Am I not your friend?

The king blushes.

Step into King Lordshadows world now.

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