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So much to celebrate

Oh wow, guys! If you follow me on social media, you'll know the busy weekend we've had.

So many brilliant authors had new releases, or celebrated their upcoming releases. There were takeovers, games and plenty prizes. (I will announce the winners of my competitions tomorrow, so keep a lookout for the posts)

Today, I want to share some of the fun we had with you.

New and upcoming releases: (click on the title to view on Amazon)

- Sian B. Claven: KALLISTA

- Jo-Anne Joseph: DESTINY

- Hanleigh Bradley: INESCAPABLE FATE


- Ashleigh Giannoccaro: CUT & BLOW, BOOK THREE


We had some amazing online takeovers this weekend with some fabulous authors. When I participate in a takeover, I usually give away a couple of my books, as well as Amazon gift cards. It is also an opportunity to see some of my teasers of my books and upcoming works.

This weekend, though, I think I won more than I actually gave away. I won books from authors like Dawn O'Neill, Kayla Krantz, Claire Marta, Cam Johns and Julayn Adams to mention but a few.

Thank you, guys, you absolutely rock!

I'll be putting up my reviews of their works as soon as I have read them. Cannot wait!

2018 TC Calendars:

For my South African fans, I still have a few 2018 Toni Cox calendars. They are selling at only R 100 - if you live in Johannesburg and R 150 - if you need me to mail to other cities in South Africa.

Get yours now, while stock lasts.


Finally, I have had some amazing reviews lately and would love to share them with you.

Click on the title/reviewer name to check out my reviews.

Thank you for taking the time to review my work - it means so much to me!

See you guys next Sunday. Hope you have an awesome week.

Toni Cox

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