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GoodReads giveaway

Midnight Tales is available as a GoodReads giveaway until 24.11.2017. Head on over for your chance to win a signed copy, plus some awesome TC book marks. Competition is open internationally.

Midnight Tales Maia accompanies her father on a journey to the exotic city of Rathaés. She is still young, only sixty-three years of age, and it is one of the greatest adventures she has been on. When they cross the desert on their return journey, Maia finds herself stricken by a mysterious illness. Unbearable anger and irritation drives her to abandon her people at the oasis and she runs off into the desert. Two days later, dehydration and exposure find her close to death and she collapses behind a large dune. Shortly before sunrise on the third day, she wakes to discover that she is not alone. Something terrible and dangerous lurks at the base of the dune, intent on killing her. Weak as she is, she can barely defend herself. Her life hangs in the balance as she learns to communicate with the creature that wants nothing more than to eat her.

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