The monsters never rest. They lurk, waiting for me to go to sleep.


Already, I have lost everything in my fight with the monsters that haunt my dreams, but my nightmares are about to become reality when I am kidnapped by a shadowy government agency called the IDA.


Drafted into the IDA’s army of dreamers, the monster become more real than they have ever been before. I am beginning to learn who, or what, I am – and the responsibility it brings with it.


This is a fight we cannot lose, because if we lose, we lose EVERYTHING.

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“Cox has created characters; a world; a story that is Tolkien worthy. She has developed something unique and rich in imagination.”  Sian B. Claven (Author of The Butcher books)


“Maia is an incredible character to follow. Toni Cox has managed to bring something new, exciting, and seriously addictive to the fore.” Robyn Victoria Castles (TBB)


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